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Residential building with scaffolding


Contact Paton Bros Scaffolding Ltd in Workington for domestic, commercial and industrial scaffolding services. If you have any questions, please feel free to view our FAQ.





At Paton Bros Scaffolding Ltd, we frequently receive inquiries from our clients regarding our scaffolding services. To address these queries, we have compiled a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below. 

  • What accreditations does your company have?
    Paton Bros Scaffolding takes great pride in being a part of the SMAS Worksafe Contractor Scheme, which is one of the most significant accreditations in the construction industry. This esteemed H&S certification is recognized by numerous organizations nationwide. As part of this certification, we adhere to the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP), which is widely adopted by contractors in the scaffold industry to ensure health and safety standards. Additionally, we are delighted to hold a full contracting membership with NASC (National Access Scaffolding Confederation). Established in 1945, NASC is the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK. Our NASC membership is highly regarded by principal contractors, local authorities, utility providers, and various organizations across the country as a testament to our quality, safety, and professionalism. Paton Bros Scaffolding are accredited by CHAS The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. CHAS is the UK’s leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions. Their award-winning solutions help contractors (suppliers) and clients (buyers) ensure supply chain compliance, mitigate risks and support efficient supply chain management. As a co-founder of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and the Common Assessment Standard, CHAS is trusted by the UK’s biggest names across multiple industries, including construction, education, facilities management, and housing and development. They are at the forefront of setting compliance benchmarks that drive these industries forward and make the world of work a safer place. Paton Bros Scaffolding hold Gold Membership with ConstructionLine, The ConstructionLine accreditation is a certification process that assesses the health and safety, environmental, and quality management systems of a construction company. This accreditation is typically required by organisations that are involved in public sector procurement, and it is intended to ensure that the company has the necessary systems in place to deliver projects safely, on time, and to a high standard of quality. The process usually involves an independent assessment of the company’s policies and procedures, as well as on-site inspections to verify compliance. Once a company has been accredited, it is added to a list of approved suppliers, which is made available to public sector organisations for use in procurement. For a full list of our accreditations please see Health and Safety section of Website.
  • Are your staff fully trained?
    At Paton Bros Scaffolding, we prioritize the continuous professional development of our staff. We ensure that all our employees receive the latest industry-specific training to perform their duties in accordance with the highest standards and industry regulations. Does your company have a safety policy I can read? Certainly! You can find Paton Bros Scaffolding's Health and Safety policy on page 20 of our comprehensive Health and Safety Manual. We believe in transparency and are committed to maintaining a safe working environment for our employees and clients alike. What areas of the country do you provide access scaffolding for? Based on the Lillyhall Industrial Estate in Workington, Paton Bros Scaffolding offers access scaffolding services in a wide range of areas. These include Allonby, Aspatria, Bassenthwaite, Beckermet, Bootle, Caldbeck, Carlisle, Cleator, Cleator Moor, Cockermouth, Dovenby, Egremont, Eskdale, Frizington, Gosforth, Holmrook, Keswick, Maryport, Moor Row, Penrith, Ravenglass, Seascale, Seaton, Silloth, St Bees, Threlkeld, Wasdale, and Whitehaven. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient scaffolding solutions across these regions, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients.
  • Why should I choose Paton Bros Scaffolding for access scaffolding?
    Paton Bros Scaffolding stands out from other companies due to our extensive experience across various sectors. Our dedicated team of experts will address all your inquiries upfront, guaranteeing a smooth and safe project execution. Our industry accreditations listed above show our commitment to being the leading scaffolding providers in the Cumbria area.
  • Do you provide quotes before working with customers?
    Paton Bros Scaffolding offers complimentary quotes to potential customers for all services, such as access scaffolding and scaffold erecting.
  • Can you provide scaffolding for any size project?
    Paton Bros Scaffolding is your reliable partner when it comes to scaffolding services, regardless of the project size. Our extensive portfolio showcases our ability to cater to the needs of homeowners, building managers, local authorities, and house building construction companies across various sectors. Trust us to provide the scaffolding support you require for your specific project.
  • How environmentally conscious are Paton Bros Scaffolding?
    Paton Bros Scaffolding is committed to maintaining a high level of environmental consciousness by striving to minimize the negative impacts of our operations. Our Environmental Policy outlines our efforts to reduce harmful emissions, waste, and pollution in our work.
  • How much does scaffolding cost?
    The cost of utilizing scaffolding services provided by Paton Bros Scaffolding is subject to the size and scope of your project. To receive a no-obligation quotation for your next endeavour, we urge you to contact us today.
  • Will I still be able to access my building if I have scaffolding?
    During the designated 'quieter' hours of the day, we ensure that all our operations are conducted in a manner that does not impede access to your building.
  • Do I need to wear a safety harness at all times on scaffolding?
    Scaffolders must wear a harness at all times when carrying out scaffolding operations, upon completion of the scaffold, the tradesmen who are using it are not required to wear a harness.
  • What other PPE Do I Need to Work on Scaffolding?
    You or others require the following PPE to work on scaffolding – It is essential for all workers on a construction site to wear a hard hat that complies with UK Safety Regulations. This is especially crucial for those working at heights to safeguard against falling debris or objects. Ensure that your hard hat fits properly and is the correct size. Protective goggles or safety glasses are necessary for jobs where there is a risk of flying debris or loose materials that could harm your eyes. Protective gloves are mandatory for workers who may come into contact with chemicals, extreme temperatures, or electrical currents. Additionally, wearing protective or steel toe cap boots with an anti-slip tread is recommended for handling heavy materials on construction sites.
  • Do I need training before using scaffolding?
    Prior to utilising scaffolding, it is essential for all workers to demonstrate a certain level of competence. If you feel that additional training is necessary for your staff, please contact us so we can arrange training sessions or refer you to a suitable industry training provider.
  • When and how often does my scaffolding need inspecting?
    The scaffold used for construction should be inspected before it’s used for the first time and then every 7 days until it is removed. It should also be inspected every time it is exposed to conditions that will likely cause deterioration such as following adverse weather conditions or following any substantial alteration.
  • How can I prevent falls whilst using scaffolding?
    Handrail edge protection is part of our access scaffolding and helps to prevent falls for both operatives and materials. This system can be secured directly to a building or as a fully independent system. Edge protection is also useful to guide people around the site and can be incorporated into the design of your scaffolding prior to installation and be tailored specifically to every application.
  • How Do You Maintain the Stability of Scaffolding?
    The safety of our scaffolding is a top priority, which is why our team of skilled professionals meticulously erect the scaffold with precision. Anchors and ties suitable for the base material are incorporated to ensure stability. It is crucial to avoid overloading the scaffold with equipment, particularly tube and fittings, during both the erection and dismantling processes.
  • How much preparation do I need to make for scaffolding?
    Meticulous preparation is of utmost importance when working with scaffolding. Constructing anything on hazardous terrain is highly inadvisable, as it endangers the well-being of your workers. By conducting thorough inspections of your scaffolding before and during its use, as mentioned above, you can effectively address any potential safety issues.
  • Why should I use scaffolding rather than ladders?
    Utilising scaffolding is a much safer option compared to using ladders for construction sites and significant home improvement tasks. With scaffolding, you have more space to work in and the ability to keep tools and materials within reach, eliminating the need for constant ladder climbing. This efficiency makes scaffolding a valuable time-saving asset on job sites.
  • Can I use scaffolding on uneven ground?
    It is recommended to avoid using scaffolding on uneven ground. The surface should be as level as possible, with compact soil capable of providing stable support for the scaffold in any weather conditions.
  • Can I use access scaffolding all year round on my projects?
    Access scaffolding can be used all year round but we would not recommend using any type of scaffolding during adverse weather conditions as this heightens the risk of injuries on-site.
  • What does WAHR mean?
    WAHR means Working at Height Regulations 2005 which help to prevent death and injury caused by falling from a height. Employers and those in control of any work taking place at height must make sure all work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent staff. This includes selecting the right type of equipment for working at height. This also applies to the type of scaffolding you use on the project. Find out more about these regulations on the HSE website.
  • Do I Need a Scaffolding Permit?
    Scaffolding permits are required where the scaffolding unit will be erected on or over a public highway including pavements and footpaths. Agreeing to work during quiet times may be required for the permit to be granted. Paton Bros Scaffolding will take care of all permit applications and liaison with the Local Council prior to constructing and scaffolding structure.
  • How early should I get in touch to order my access scaffolding?
    Every project is different with some requiring greater amounts of scaffolding and in turn requiring more time to build. We would recommend getting in touch as soon as your aware of your requirements and we can work together on your solution and plan accordingly to ensure all scaffolding works are carried out when required by other trades.

“Spot on to have on site. Any problems or alterations required they are very quick to respond. Would recommend to anyone”.

- Facebook Review by Tony Kirby


Contact Paton Bros Scaffolding Ltd in Workington if you have any questions.

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