Domestic scaffolding

Whether you need to complete exterior painting or undertake roof repairs, we will make sure you have the scaffolding assembly for the task. We aid a range of domestic construction projects, in particular roofing repairs and exterior building work.






Scaffolding covering house in Cumbria with Paton Bros Flatbed on road


Our domestic scaffolding services

  • Full design, assembly, and dismantling service
  • Scaffolding towers and a range of other structures
  • Chimney scaffolds for repointing and restructuring
  • Temporary roofing and roof scaffolding
  • All structures designed and built with health and safety in mind



A friendly and helpful scaffolding team

Our scaffolders will enable work on a wide range of domestic building projects, such as exterior decorating, chimney repointing, roof repairs, and guttering, fasicas and soffits. We provide scaffolding solutions for any virtually any application, from small access towers to complex hanging bridges with chutes. Contact us today for an initial discussion and to arrange a quote.


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